Manchester City and Okx unveil exclusive digital jersey collection

OKX, a prominent global cryptocurrency exchange and Web3 technology company, alongside Manchester City, has initiated the ‘Unseen City Shirts’ campaign, unveiling redesigned football jerseys that enthusiasts can acquire as digital collectibles (NFTs) via the OKX app. The campaign introduces a novel approach to engaging global fans, offering exclusive prizes alongside these unique digital collectibles. The first digital collectible, christened ‘The Roses and the Bees,’ is now accessible for minting on the OKX app, marking the commencement of this innovative initiative.

Manchester City and Okx unveil exclusive digital jersey collection

Crafted by artist Christian Jeffery, this commemorative shirt pays homage to Manchester, featuring iconic symbols such as the Lancashire Rose and the Manchester Worker Bee, emblematic of the city’s rich heritage. Running until April 25, fans can participate in minting their own ‘Unseen City Shirts’ digital collectible through the OKX Web3 Marketplace within the app. Each minted collectible will be randomly designated a rarity level – Classic, Rare, or Ultra Rare, offering fans a shot at winning exclusive rewards, including limited-edition physical versions of the shirts, hospitality tickets to Manchester City matches, and an on-pitch experience.

Furthermore, a second digital collectible shirt, sporting a distinct design, will be released on April 29, presenting fans with additional opportunities to win exciting prizes. Haider Rafique, Chief Marketing Officer at OKX, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasizing the goal of leveraging Web3 technology to engage Manchester City’s global fanbase authentically. Rafique underscored the campaign’s alignment with OKX’s values, blending creativity, technology, and innovation to reimagine fan experiences.

Nuria Tarré, Chief Marketing & Fan Experience Officer at City Football Group, highlighted Manchester City’s commitment to pioneering innovative fan engagement strategies, particularly through the utilization of emerging technologies like the metaverse and Web3. Tarré emphasized the collaboration with OKX as a testament to the club’s dedication to delivering unique and creative experiences to its fanbase.

The partnership between OKX and Manchester City, which commenced in March 2022, has evolved significantly, with OKX assuming various roles, including Official Training Kit Partner and Official Sleeve Partner. Through initiatives like the OKX Collective and the ‘my fabric’ episodic campaign, the partnership has successfully introduced the OKX brand to millions of football enthusiasts worldwide, cementing its position as a leader in the intersection of sports and technology.